At Nanostreams we are working with our customers and partners to develop, innovate and customize nanomaterials for your desired applications. If you feel that you need to modify the physical properties, chemical composition or look for a product or service in the field of nanoparticles, you can contact our research and development office. Definitely, we will research your request and customize the material for your intended application.
Nanostreams is flexible to help in scaling up the production process and develop know-how for your desired materials and process of manufacturing. We can modify chemical formulations, particle size and particle size distribution, surface functionalization, samples’ concentration, and optical properties to suit your required applications.
Nanostreams can formulate nanomaterials’ surfaces with specific functional groups, polymers, biomolecules, and inorganic coatings. Additionally, we produce a wide range of particle sizes and fabricate additional sizes on request. We also developed our own protocols for processing and stabilizing various nanoparticles at highly concentrated suspensions. Please do not hesitate to contact Nanostreams for help