• Product number: NS0011
  • Particle size: 5-100nms
  • Particle shape: spheres
  • Form: powder, gel, or dispersion
  • Uniform size distributions
  • No agglomeration
  • No hazardous ingredients
  • Expiry date: 2 year


Silver nanoparticles have broad-spectrum antibacterial activities against a wide range of bacteria for medical applications. Colloidal nanosilver particles are widely incorporated into wound dressings because of its effectiveness for controlling bacteria and viruses as a result of the extremely large volume to surface area.

Although the most common applications of nanosilver are for medicinal or antibacterial purposes, silver nanoparticles showed catalytic properties for dyes and likely other compounds. Nanosilver, when in contact with bacteria and fungus, adversely affects the cellular metabolism and inhibits the multiplication and growth of bacteria and fungi.

As the silver nanoparticles become in contact with the bacteria, they adhere to the cell membrane, and some passes through and interacts with phosphate-containing compounds like DNA and RNA inducing structural and morphological changes.

Scientists engineered silver nanoparticles by controlling their size, shape, and surface to enhance unique chemical, physical and optical properties. The remarkable physical, chemical and optical properties of silver nanomaterials allow for their utilization in various scientific applications. Nanosilver is being incorporated in plastics, fabrics, paper, paint, surface coatings, electronics, biosensing, and medicine.

Nanosilver exhibits surface plasmon resonance upon irradiation with light to peaks in the UV-Vis wavelength range. The width and location of the SPR peaks are dependent on the size, shape, and surface properties of the nanomaterials. As a consequence, silver nanoparticles are promising tools for sensing applications, used in the detection of DNA sequences, glucose sensors for medical diagnostics, and biological imaging.

Silver nanoparticles are used as antibacterial/antifungal agents in a diverse range of applications including air sanitizer sprays, socks, pillows, slippers, face masks, wet wipes, detergent, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, air filters, coatings of refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, food storage containers, and cellular phones.

Nanostreams silver nanoparticles are monodispersed with no agglomeration in the size range from 5-200nms, customized in different forms; powder, dispersions or gel and are either plain, surface coated or functionalized.